Basic Refrigeration Equipment For Restaurants And Hotels

Refrigeration equipment list of restaurants and hotels includes many different products and is classified by function of use. The product serves the needs of preserving raw materials, ensuring freshness for a certain period of time. Follow the article to update the list of basic refrigeration equipment for restaurants and hotels.

Refrigeration equipment

Recommended refrigeration equipment list for restaurants and hotels

The equipment of refrigeration equipment will depend on the characteristics and scale of operation of the restaurant and hotel. However, every restaurant or hotel kitchen will not be without the following basic equipment.

Restaurant industrial refrigerator

Restaurant kitchens and hotels serve a large number of meals every day, so the need for food preservation is huge. Types of storage devices such as industrial refrigerators are commonly used.

Restaurant industrial refrigerator
Restaurant industrial refrigerator

Under the support of this refrigeration equipment, preserved food will keep its freshness longer. At the same time ensure the nutritional content of the food, helping the dish to have a delicious taste. 

Industrial freezer for restaurants

Freezers for restaurants and hotels are diverse in type, capacity, and size. Industrial freezers have the function of preserving food for a certain time. Meeting the needs of stockpiling raw materials to ensure the operation of restaurant and hotel kitchens.

East table, cool table for restaurant 

Cool tables, winter tables for restaurants and hotels are made from high quality stainless steel. High-gloss materials, rich in aesthetics, bring elegance to the space. The device has a spacious and sturdy table top design, which can be used as a place to prepare or display food.

Inside the freezer and cooler table there are many compartments, convenient to classify foods to be preserved. Cool tables, industrial freezer tables for restaurants are diverse in size and type, making it easy for users to choose.

Display fridge

Refrigerator is also a line of refrigeration equipment used in many restaurants and hotels. The glass door design helps customers easily observe and choose food and drink. The combination with lighting increases the aesthetics and attracts customers. Wide heat preservation platform, allowing to store a variety of foods.

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Principles of purchasing refrigeration equipment for restaurants and hotels

The list of restaurant and hotel refrigeration equipment is very diverse in types and models. However, the procurement should adhere to the principles below.

Buy when needed

The first rule is to only buy equipment that is really necessary and suitable for use. For equipment that is rarely used, it must be carefully considered. Large restaurants and hotels with a large customer base and high requirements for food should choose refrigeration equipment of famous brands.

Based on frequency of use

The types of equipment that are used often should choose a big brand to ensure durability. This will avoid damage, affecting the operation of the kitchen. Buying low-quality products will cost more maintenance, repair, and more expensive.

Convenient for cleaning

Should choose to buy refrigeration equipment made from stainless steel is stainless steel 201 and 304. The material has a high shine, not only durable but also very easy to clean. If the cost is abundant, choose 304 stainless steel, limited financial cases can be replaced with stainless steel 201.

Buy by space

When buying restaurant equipment for refrigeration, the hotel must rely on the space area. The size of equipment that is too large will make the kitchen become cramped. And equipment that is too small will not meet the needs of use, affecting the overall operation of the kitchen. Inappropriate furniture also reduces the aesthetics of the space.

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Reputable Refrigeration equipment suppliers in Vietnam

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Above is the most basic recommendation of refrigeration equipment list for restaurants and hotels. Hope to help readers get the best preparation when entering the culinary business. For any product questions, please contact AVC Production Co., Ltd for detailed advice and quotation.

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