List of basic kitchen equipment and reliable buying address

For restaurants – hotels, eateries, canteens, shops selling food and beverages… the industrial kitchen equipment is extremely necessary. These are equipment directly involved in the preparation, processing and preservation of food. Do you know what types of equipment for your kitchen and reputable buying address? Check out the following article to learn more!

Kitchen Equipment

List of necessary kitchen equipment for each field

Industrial kitchen equipment is often very diverse, each field will have different equipment applications for the kitchen. The following is a list of basic and necessary equipment for each area.

Restaurant and hotel cooking equipment

Equipment for hotels and restaurants are usually high-end kitchen equipment, towards professionalism and luxury. The equipment list for hotel, you can refer to below:

  • Industrial refrigerators;
  • Industrial autoclave;
  • Industrial wash basin;
  • Preliminary processing equipment: Preliminary table, knife, scissors, meat grinder…;
  • Cooking equipment: Gas stove, Asian stove, U stove, oven …
  • Kitchen hood system;
  • Beverage dispensing counter;
  • Equipment to ensure safety when there is a problem; ..
  • Kitchen equipment for supermarkets
  • Supermarkets are also common places to use industrial equipment, especially cooking equipment such as ovens, flat fryers, fryers, toasters, dough mixers, etc.
Restaurant and hotel kitchen equipment
Restaurant and hotel kitchen equipment

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Kitchen equipment for specialized shops and restaurants

Specialized kitchens and restaurants, depending on the type of dishes served, will use commercial kitchen equipment such as:

  • Cooking equipment: Single-throated or multi-throated gas stove, Asian stove with blower fan, stove, grill…
  • For pho and vermicelli shops: Broth pot, pressure cooker…
  • Kitchen utensil set: Knife, cutting board, ladle, chopsticks, fork…
  • Industrial rice cookers, industrial rice cabinets;
  • Preliminary table, industrial refrigerator, exhaust system;
  • Industrial kitchen equipment
  • Large restaurants, canteens in hospitals, schools, hospitals, factories… often use common cooking equipment such as:
  • Industrial rice cookers;
  • Industrial refrigerators and freezers;
  • Odor extraction system;
  • Kitchen utensils set;
  • Food processing table;
  • Food trolleys;
  • Food tray cart;
  • Industrial kitchen: Gas stove, electric stove, grill…

In general, in the process of preparing and cooking food, there will be appliances for the kitchen that arise. Depending on the actual use needs of each unit to purchase more necessary equipment.

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What to keep in mind when looking for a place to sell kitchen equipment in Vietnam?

Currently, the demand for restaurants and bars has increased, so there are many restaurants, eateries, and fast food shops. Pulling the demand to buy equipment for the kitchen, industrial kitchen. However, when looking for an address to sell these devices, customers still have a lot of questions.

First, how to determine the address to sell quality Vietnamese restaurant kitchen equipment. Any unit also introduces itself as the most reputable and guaranteed sales place, how to determine this? Check with people in the industry as well as check out the reviews on their website or fanpage. In addition, the reputable seller will have a transparent purchase and return policy and public price.

In addition, to buy quality kitchen equipment in Vietnam is not enough, you need to buy the right product at the right price. When opening a restaurant, the initial cost will be extremely large, with the same equipment and sales policy. But sometimes in different selling units, the difference can be up to millions of dong. Saving costs is always a necessity when you want to set up a shop, restaurant…

Customers should also note that they should buy kitchen appliances in places near their address. This is to facilitate the need for warranty, maintenance, repair or exchange of goods. Buying equipment too far will add a very expensive, time-consuming shipping cost.

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A reputable place to sell kitchen equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

You are in need of buying kitchen appliances but have not found a reliable commercial equipment address? A very reputable address, trusted by many customers in Ho Chi Minh City, is AVC Kitchen. AVC Kitchen is a commercial kitchen equipment Vietnam unit, specializing in manufacturing – importing – distributing quality cooking equipment at low and competitive prices.

A reputable place to sell kitchen equipment in Ho Chi Minh City
A reputable place to sell kitchen equipment in Ho Chi Minh City

At the store, our kitchen equipment is constantly updated with the latest and hottest models, designs, specifications. You want to buy equipment of domestic manufacturers or world famous brands available at AVC Kitchen.

AVC Kitchen is a brand chosen by many restaurants, hotels and eateries when they want to buy quality and safe kitchen equipment.

You want to find the address of AVC Kitchen but do not know the way. It’s very simple, you just need to go to Google map, type Kitchen appliances near me. Then select the results to navigate to the address 37 Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCM. This is the company’s showroom, please visit to purchase and learn more commercial kitchen equipment list.

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